Pat Maloney



Pat Maloney 

Pat paints in watercolor and acrylic mediums. Her favorite subject are people, especially children whose personality she loves to capture in her paintings. She is drawn to strong color which she incorporates in her paintings. Pat is an award-winning member of both the Southern Watercolor Society and the Georgia Watercolor Society. She was awarded "Best of Show" for both 2005 and 2006 at the Bowen Center for the Arts "Home For The Holidays" exhibit. Pat is available for commissions.



Theatrical Tryout

Waiting for Grandpa

What's Down There? 16x28

Wyoming Aspens 30x40

Girl's Rope Too 20x2

Trouble's Coming 13x19

Time Out 13x18

That Look

First Kiss

Where's My Ride?

"Creampuff, My First Horse" 14.5x18.5


"Days End" 16x22

"View From the Loft" 19x24.5

"Art in the Park" w/c and goache 17x22.5

"Summertime Smile" 19.5x12.5

"Daddys Truck"  13x11

"Long Ride Home" 13.5x 19 

"Full of Herself" 13x19

"Life is Good" SOLD