Fay Bohlayer

Fay Bohlayer Fay has ridden and drawn horses since she was five. Raising horses in North Georgia and foxhunting, combined with several Sam Savitt workshops, have produced a long series of humorous huntscene watercolors for the American Academy of Equine Artists (AAEA) of which she is a Full Member. As hunt country dwindled, the landscape became dearer. Plein air work in oils led her to studies with Larry Wheeler, Scott Christensen, and Elin Pendleton. Fay is a Signature member of the Women Artists of the West (WAOW.)

E-mail : faybohlayer@yahoo.com

"Cochise Country" Oil 11 x 14

"Morning Glory" Oil 12 x 16

"Early Graze" Oil 24 x 36

"First Love " Oil 16 x 20  

"Calf Rescue Unit" Oil 22 x 28

"The Swamp Fox" Oil 12 x 16

"Elk-First Light" Oil 24 x 36

"Below the Falls" Oil 24 x 36

"Just Cows" Oil 8 x 10

"The Lure of Lakelure" Oil 12 x 16

"Mountain Home" Oil 24 x 30

 "Lanford's Lake" Oil 18 x 24

"No Desk Job" Oil 18 x 24

"Almost Home" Oil 24 x 36

"Shade" Oil 12 x 16

"His Place" Oil 24 x 36

"Taking 'em Down #2" Oil 24 x 36

"Mountain Garden" Oil 12 x 16

"Feeding in the Marshes"
Oil 11 x 14

"Wild Horses at Dungeness Ruins"
Oil 12 x 16

"Evening Calm-Tidewater"
Watercolor /Gouache 20 x 14